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DEEPWATER HORIZON Incident, Gulf of Mexico, April 2010

ESI and Oblique photos in Google Earth:

Panhandle, Florida (2010).kmz (oblique photos from April 23 - 26)

Gulf Islands National Seashore (2010).kmz (oblique photos from April 26; also includes Mississippi (2009) photos)

Mississippi (2009).kmz (oblique photos, ESI shoreline, PDF ESI Maps)

Alabama (2007).kmz (oblique photos, ESI shoreline, PDF ESI Maps, Access points)

Louisiana (2003).kmz (ESI shoreline and PDF ESI Maps)

See ESI in Google Earth for additional information on using these KMZ files.

Link to Google Crisis Response page


ESI Map Overlays in Google Earth

Mississippi ESI Overlay.kmz

Alabama ESI Overlay.kmz

Louisiana ESI Overlay.kmz


Oblique photos in a web browser:

Panhandle, Florida: April 23, 2010 | April 24, 2010 | April 25, 2010 | April 26, 2010

Gulf Islands National Seashore: April 26, 2010

Mississippi: Jan. 08, 2008 | Jan. 09, 2008 | Jan. 10, 2008 | Jan. 11, 2008



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ESI GIS data in NOS Explorer

ERMA data viewer for the Gulf Oil Spill