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Project Description

The goal of the "ESI in Google Earth" demo is to create a single interface through which the user can interact with a variety of ESI data by simply navigating on the globe to the location of interest. Over 20 years of maps and DVD ESI data would be available by using the region and tiling features of Google Earth to streamline data download and presentation to the user.

Requires: Google Earth (version 5 or higher)

DemoESI in Google Earth.kmz (Alabama, 2007 & other selected areas)

Guide: ESI in GE User Guide.pdf

Tutorial Videos: Link to Tutorial Page

Status: In Progress


Individual Atlas KMZs:

Long Island, NY (2009).kmz (contains ESI shoreline, PDF links, & oblique photos)

Mississippi (2009).kmz (oblique photos, ESI shoreline, PDF ESI Maps)

Alabama (2007).kmz (oblique photos, ESI shoreline, PDF ESI Maps, Access points)

North Slope, AK (2005).kmz (contains ESI shoreline, PDF links, & oblique video stills)

Louisiana (2003).kmz (ESI shoreline and PDF ESI Maps)

Additional ESI data in the Gulf Of Mexico